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A valuable guide to self-healing and more quality of life!

I find myself - and healing begins

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This book is for everyone, who...

is looking for help and impulses for an optimal life
needs inspiration for themselves and their life
wants to optimize their own quality of life
is looking for their true greatness!

What you will find inside the book

We are all on the path to our own healing - returning to ourselves. Back to our true nature: to pure potential, to pure energy - to strength, which contains everything and carries everything in it: to unconditional love.

This strength is our entire essence. It is completely independent of religion, nationality, skin colour or social class. This omni-love is found in every stone, in every plant, in every animal, in every human being, in all waters, in the air, in the soil, in every galaxy and in every universe. It is the glue that keeps everything together.

Table of Contents

1 Foreword

2 Life School Westerwald

3 Dedication

4 I find myself

5 Possible risks & side effects

6 Questions

7 Acknowledgements

8 Appendix

Life, love and balance

For those who have had enough of the unpleasant side of life, this book should act as the perfect motivation to optimize their own quality of life.

The book in numbers



Pages filled with inspirational quotes, pictures and thoughts.

Useful topics

Motivational chapters to help you find yourself and improve your quality of life.

About me

Anna Katharina Lahs was born in Pottum, a small town in the Westerwald region of Germany, in 1960. Since July 2004, she has been running a small practice in Pottum from which she works both locally and globally.

Anna Katharina Lahs has studied in many fields and continues to expand her knowledge and range of skills. One of her teachers, Kurt Tepperwein, suggested she'd open a Life School, which she did in August 2010.

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I find myself and healing begins

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Buy the printed book for $22,99 Get the E-Book at amazon for $10,79

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